The World’s First (and Only) Truly Phonemic Alphabet

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  • …the world’s first and only practical phonemic script (alphabet), conveying phonemic information.
  • …a new, universal script (alphabet) addressing the phonemic idiosyncrasies of all the world’s languages.
  • …the only world script conveying information on phonemic idiosyncrasies specific to individual languages.


NAVLIPI: A New, Universal Script (“Alphabet”) Accommodating the Phonemic Idiosyncrasies of All the World’s Languages.

VOLUME I: Another Look at Phonic and Phonemic Classification: Navlipi.

VOLUME II: Navlipi Companion: A Primer in Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonemics and Writing Systems with a Difference.


NAVLIPI, the world’s first and only practical phonemic script (alphabet), hopes to eventually become one of the world’s alternatives for accurate linguistic, phonetic and most importantly, phonemic expression and transcription.

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