The World’s First (and Only) Truly Phonemic Alphabet

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NAVLIPI, the world’s first and only practical phonemic script (alphabet), hopes to eventually become one of the world’s alternatives for accurate linguistic, phonetic and most importantly, phonemic expression and transcription. It also hopes to serve as a great bridge in language learning, overcoming the need to learn a different alphabet every time one wants to understand or learn a new language. And finally, it also aims to serve as a much more accurate method of recording endangered, dying or already dead (i.e. lost) languages in a phonemically meaningful way. Indeed, it is already being used as such by one of the world’s leading organizations that is working to record endangered, dying or dead languages, the Foundation for Endangered Languages.NAVLIPI also wants to reach a much wider audience.

However, NAVLIPI is unable to carry out these tasks on its own, without outside assistance! NAVLIPI needs help! If you would like to support us, here are several ways you may do so:

  • Propagate NAVLIPI by using it in your work:
    • If you’re in the language field, use it as an additional alphabet along with the native alphabets of the languages you’re working with. (Keyboarding software is available free on this site.)
    • If you’re not in the language field, you can still use NAVLIPI to write in the languages that you use, even English! Just download the free keyboarding software available on this site.
  • Spread the word: Tell your colleagues, friends, relatives and anyone else you associate with about NAVLIPI.
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