The World’s First (and Only) Truly Phonemic Alphabet



Windows PC Version


  • Download App by clicking on:

            Upon clicking this, this zip file will appear in your Downloads folder. 


  • Run the (.exe) file by double-clicking on it. Navlipi Keyboard Software License Agreement window will pop up. Click “I Agree” box, then click Install.


  • After installation is complete, you can check if the three Navlipi keyboards are installed as follows: 
    1. Press Windows Key then Space Key. This will show the keyboards available to you as a popup in the right hand side (RHS) of your main screen. E.g. “English (United States) Navlipi(1,2,3)”  keyboards. 
  • You can access the three (3) NAVLIPI keyboards just as you would any other foreign language keyboards: Press the Windows key and then the Space key. The available keyboards (all that you have installed) will show as a popup. Select one of the three NAVLIPI keyboards therefrom and you should be good to go! 


  • To toggle between the three NAVLIPI keyboards, it is suggested you use Ctrl + Shift as the keyboard sequence as it is very convenient and easy to use. To set this up, do the following: 
    • Go to Settings> Time & Language> Language > (Extreme RHS Top) Spelling, typing & keyboard settings > Scroll down to Advanced keyboard settings > Input language hot keys> (In Popup Menu) Change Key Sequence >Under “Switch Keyboard Layout”, Select Ctrl + Shift


  • NOTE: If reinstalling a newer version of Navlipi, please uninstall the old version first, through Windows>Settings>Apps.



MAC Version


To download Navlipi keyboards for MAC, please click on:


Open App Store on your Mac and search for Navlipi. It should look like this:

Download and install. That’s it!

NOTE: If reinstalling a newer version of Navlipi, please uninstall the old version first.